The Cottage Cheese Diet is a five-day weight loss plan that consists of foods that are affordable and easy to prepare.  Exercise isn’t necessary, and dieters can even have wine.  These benefits have made the Cottage Cheese Diet one of the most popular diets available today.  There’s more to the Cottage Cheese Diet than affordable foods and wine, though.  Take a moment to learn about this popular plan.

Cottage Cheese Diet Plan

The Cottage Cheese diet plan consists of a very strict menu.  Dieters must follow the menu every day for five days. The menu is the same every day and consists of:

  • 10 AM – black coffee and 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese
  • 12 PM – A tomato, egg and green vegetables
  • 2 PM – an apple
  • 4 PM – 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese
    • Include paprika, a cucumber or a green vegetable with the cottage cheese
  • 8 PM – one glass of white wine

Cottage Cheese Recipes

If the idea of eating plain cottage cheese isn’t appealing to you, you can use some cottage cheese recipes to make the food taste better.  You don’t need a culinary degree to master these recipes.  All that you need are some cottage cheese and a few other ingredients, and you can spice up your cottage cheese and make the diet much tastier.


Fruit makes a great topping for cottage cheese. Whether you choose peaches or fresh strawberries, the fruit will completely change the flavor of the cottage cheese and turn it into a real treat.  You can even blend the fruit and the cottage cheese together to make it taste like a smoothie. Your options are limitless when it comes to fruit and cottage cheese.


You can also use spices to make your cottage cheese more appealing.  For instance, cinnamon adds a delicious flavor to cottage cheese.  Nutmeg is another popular option. You can play around with different spices and find one that you love.

Greens and Vegetables

Adding some cottage cheese to your greens and vegetables at lunch can also enhance the flavor and turn a bland meal into a tasty treat.  Best of all, this is simple to do, since you will already have all of the ingredients right on your plate.

These are just a few ideas. You can come up with your own ideas as well.

Cottage Cheese Weight Loss

Many people report they lose up to a pound a day on the Cottage Cheese Diet. That means you can lose up to five pounds if you follow the plan for the recommended five days.  At the end of the five days, you need to ease back into normal eating for four days.  Then you can go back on the Cottage Cheese diet and lose up to five pounds once again.

If you think the cottage cheese diet is right for you, get started right away.  The longer you put it off, the harder it will be to lose that weight that’s been holding you back.